Letter: University of Alaska should make Veterans Day a holiday

I am a military spouse and student at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Many students, staff, and faculty at UAA are either former military, active duty, or family members of military services members. Despite this, I am writing to express my continued disappointment in the University administration for not affording Veterans Day, and by extension those who have served, the proper honor by canceling classes. While courses must meet a minimum number of contact hours for the purposes of accreditation, it could easily be switched out with the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for which class is canceled. 

We can all relate to the inconvenience of holiday travel, but it does not rise to the level of inconvenience experienced by those who have served, and in some cases been wounded or killed, in the course of defending our country. It is time for the University of Alaska system to reconsider its schedule to give our troops the acknowledgement they deserve.

— Kevin Enright