Pumpkin recycling service

Kyle Hopkins

Wasilla photographer Mike Criss recently posted this clip on our Anchorage Daily News Facebook wall

Easy to imagine a similar scene is playing out across the state this month as Alaskans allow their frozen jack-o'-lanterns to linger in the snow.

I asked area Fish and Game Biologist Jessy Coltrane if she had any concerns about pumpkin-eating moose.

"We’ve never shaken our finger at people about pumpkins," she said.

Still, moose have learned to love this post-Halloween treat, and that can lead to unexpected encounters, Coltrane said.

"(If) you don’t want to open your door and have a moose standing on your porch, then perhaps you should enjoy your jack-o'-lantern away from your door."

By Kyle Hopkins
Anchorage Daily News
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