Letter: Alaska visit might have had effect on John Galt’s thinking

I too read that Ayn Rand book about 30 years ago and got engrossed in her wonderful fantasy world of individualistic objectivism, reason, competence and capitalism. 

I often wonder what John Galt would do on vacation. Being an inventive engineer and a rebel, I imagine he might just pop on up to Alaska and go salmon fishing. Of course, in his day, there would be no question of the abundance of unobstructed clean water streams and healthy fish.

Perhaps he’d sit along the Kuskokwim River wondering if imaginary characters like himself were created by a higher being, and if so, mightn’t she have been an atheist. Maybe he’d empathize with his college pal Francisco d’Anconia about shutting down his copper mining empire to keep it from “looters.” Perchance he’d browse John Maynard Keynes’ writings by the campfire and muse over his economic theory sometimes credited for rescuing capitalism. Possibly he’d gaze at the stars, wondering if Mr. Keynes should’ve had the right to marry one of his boyfriends.

Well, never mind; who is John Galt, anyway?

— Ken Green

Cooper Landing