Letter: Money for bike trails? We should revise our priorities

Recently the ADN reported that $2 million will be spent on bike trail upgrades. The response was in favor.

Nothing against those who ride bikes, ski, run or walk dogs, etc., but one word comes to mind — priorities.

How is it we have homeless children, old folks without medicine, snowbound sidewalks and yet we want to spend $2 million on bike trails when we already have bike trails people don’t use? When I see a cyclist or runner on the shoulder of the road and there is a bike path 30 feet away, I wonder why we need more. I don’t understand it.

Growing up, we had priorities. The necessities came first and anything left over went to the “wish I had” list. Seems people have things backwards. I am thinking when there are no homeless kids, bare sidewalks and our old folks have medicine, then maybe we should consider trails, doggie parks and the like. But then I could be just a realist, out of touch and too old.

— Johnny Rusch