Letter: Blame people, not bears

In reference to David Miller’s letter, “Wildlife is making Anchorage dangerous for city’s residents (Nov. 7)”, it sounds like Mr. Miller is living in the wrong city.

However, one thing that could decrease bear attractions would be for the police to note the numerous illegally set out garbage cans the day before pickup and write a ticket. It’s almost impossible for citizens to note violations and wait until the following day when the evidence is gone to contact animal control. If police wrote tickets for littering, it would also help.

Sustainability is good but chicken houses should be inspected for sturdiness and locked up at night. Since Alaska has a history of putting the foxes in charge of the hen house as indicated by the Assembly allowing builders to inspect themselves, something would need to be worked out.

Mr. Miller must have a tough time skiing with a can of bear spray in one hand and a .44 in the other, and perhaps his curious dog should be leashed.

— Barbara Winkley