Letter: Change redistricting process

By ensuring Republican control of the Alaska Senate through questionable redistricting practices, Gov. Parnell and Republican Party chairman Randy Ruedrich essentially destroyed representative government in Alaska and reduced Alaska Native and minority representation among our state elected officials. Richard Mauer’s Nov. 14 story describes the consequences to the entire state Senate of gerrymandering a single House district. 

What are the fixes? Alaska Senate rules need to be changed to ensure a minority party can represent its constituents adequately. Additionally, the state’s redistricting process must be changed by 2020 so it is run by a non-partisan or bipartisan commission, as is increasingly the case in other states. Finally, the state Supreme Court needs to carefully review existing redistricting and ensure that any blatant political gerrymandering is struck down so the state will be better served during the 2014 elections.

— Lois Epstein