Letter: Governor is doing no favors for those who need insurance

Sean Parnell’s resistance to Alaskans finding affordable health care has no bounds. We have two daughters in college, both at the University of Alaska, the oldest headed for nursing school. There’s a 20-month wait for admittance. She’s 22, in perfect health, but will drop off our health insurance plan Dec. 31 because, as AARP/Alaska says, “Citing a clause that exempts public plans, the governor announced that Alaska’s state plan would allow coverage up to age 26 only for dependents of active employees.”

There are thousands of Alaskans affected. Retirement and Benefits (R&B) recommends COBRA. Today I got this email: “The monthly COBRA premium for 2013 is $823 for medical coverage with an additional $70 for DVA coverage. You may prefer to look for more affordable private insurance.” Wasn’t the purpose of the health insurance exchanges that Sean Parnell refuses to establish to help us find “more affordable private insurance?” 

Who’s this guy working for?

—Richard Steele

Auke Bay