Letter: If Moore doesn’t like facts of life in Alaska, she’s free to move

Re: Shannyn Moore: Alaska votes to go backward (Nov. 11)

Why is it the ADN can’t seem to find a local liberal editorialist who can offer its readers reasoned, cogent arguments instead of the execrable rants of Ms. Moore to which we are subjected once or twice a week. Particularly offensive is her assertion that the Alaskan outcome of the recent election is a disastrous step backward for the state since Republicans took control of both branches of the Legislature. I guess if one adheres fanatically to the progressive agenda, as Ms. Moore so obviously does, defining everyone else who does not as pathetically “backward” comes quite easily. If she finds it so repugnant to live among those she regards as Neanderthals who comprise the majority of the electorate in Alaska, there always remains available to her the option of residing elsewhere. 

In the meantime, the ADN can do better for its readers. And while they’re at it, replacing Mr. Jenkins wouldn’t hurt either.

— Ray Kaufman