Letter: Overtaxing is like clear-cutting

The history of overharvesting of the forests and the seas is obvious, especially here in Alaska as fisheries have collapsed and heavily logged forest areas have never recovered. The vision of endless and unlimited “renewable” resources hit the hard reality that taking too much left too little to grow back.

Yet it is surprising that the very voting bloc that “cares” about the environment is so bent on plundering the economy with higher taxes, forgetting that taxes are the renewal resource of an economy. Just as there is a limit to the amount of fish or trees that can be taken, there is a limit to how much taxation an economy can withstand. The hunger to tax and spend more under the banner of “we haven’t done enough” is clear-cutting the economy.

Soon, if not already, and with many facing higher percent tax brackets in this nation, it will be “we haven’t enough left.”

— Robert Bridges