Letter: Secede from the union? You might want to think again …

I’m sure everyone thinks they are oh so clever by anonymously signing multiple petitions for states to secede from the union. We all have one vote; sometimes it goes the way you’d like and sometimes it doesn’t. The pendulum is constantly swinging.

Here’s the things that I doubt y’all thought of: Alaska has no army, navy, air force or marines. Alaska would be stripped of military bases. The jobs and vendors that exist because of those installations — gone. All bases would be decommissioned. Alaska would have to defend her own borders and police the population with locally derived revenue; kiss your PFD goodbye. Think you pay too much property tax now? Good luck with that. Social Security, HUD Block Grants, U.S. Postal Service, transportation grants from federal gas tax, Medicaid, FEMA disaster aid, Medicare — so sorry, those were benefits of the previous regime. Either people who actually believe in their state’s viability after secession are idiots or they know it is impractical and it’s really about the half-black guy in the White House. 

— G.P. Olrun