Letter: Obama fails Americans while making U.S. look bad worldwide


Hey Hollywood … new soap opera. Just call it Washington D.C. starring Barack Obama. It has it all — the same mentality with cover-ups, scandals, lies, no moral fiber, “beautiful people,” adultery, greed, etc.

Meanwhile back in the real world, where us real people exist, do you think you could do a special on a president who will care for all Americans? A truthful caring president? A president who will stop making America laughable to the rest of the world? A president who will stop sending money, training, weapons to other countries so they can turn around and kill our soldiers and Americans abroad? A president who doesn’t look to blame others? A president who has backbone?

While you are at it, how about a president who will stand up and do the right thing. You know that old-fashioned stuff called defending the Constitution of the United States, honesty, freedom of religion, integrity?

It would make the best reality series yet. Unfortunately for America, production will not start until 2016.

God Bless America … please.

— Kimberlee Denman Larrabee