Letter: From a constituent to Don Young: Doing nothing is not acceptable

While watching election returns, I was dismayed when our newly re-elected only congressman, Don Young, spoke the plain truth. When asked in a televised interview what he had planned when he returns to our nation’s capitol, he stated that he would be doing essentially nothing. His rationale seemed to be that after the election, it would be a lame duck session so not much would be happening. Did the nation’s unemployment figures suddenly get better? Has our economy suddenly improved? And what about that “fiscal cliff” that seems to out there on the two-month horizon? Did I miss all that resolution?

It doesn’t matter whether or not we agree with Mr. Young’s politics, the point is that we as taxpayers, his constituents, should be outraged that he and others believe that it’s OK to go back to D.C. and put their collective feet up until it becomes convenient to go to work. No elected public servant has the right to decide when that time is to be. Surely it’s enough that legislative sessions seem too abbreviated and unproductive, without having to suffer the insult of being told right up front, “I’m going to back to work, but I’m not going to do anything.” 

— Jim Taylor

Eagle River