Letter: Soldiers serve and protect; they deserve adequate health care

A recent article on the front page stated the obvious — our soldiers returning with major issues, both mental and physical (besides wounds, they have major back problems due to ginormous packs they must carry). 

So much is said about these people serving our country. So much is said about caring for them upon their return, but, and I do mean but, not enough is done in that regard! I personally know of one (near/dear to my heart) who upon being injured many years ago, was operated on, surgeon screwed up, and ever since then this person has dealt with issues due to the screw up. But unlike the private sector — you can’t sue the military for such a screw up. Nope, not at all! 

The military health care ain’t all it’s cracked up to be — yet we Americans, expect soldiers to serve/protect our country just to return to get poor health care and services while those politicians get the best of the best. It’s just so wrong!

— Sandra Quinones