Letter: Under Cobb’s direction, UAA athletics languish

I see another Shootout is off to a roaring start. According to the university, 4,221 fans turned out for the Utah State-Prairie View A&M women’s basketball game. Really? Look at the game photos that appeared in the News:Did anyone see any fan in the stands? Maybe the 221 portion of the fans count was correct. Or maybe our good friend Dr. Steve Cobb is just cooking the books again.

The Shootout is in trouble. One can place blame in any of a number of directions. But I don’t see Dr. Cobb taking a look in the mirror. We have seen what the Cobb-led athletic department has allowed the Seawolf hockey program to become. Is UAA hockey attendance now down below 2,000 per game? I’m talking actual fans in the seats, not some hyped number released by the university.

It truly is time for Dr. Cobb to either figure out how to lead, or to get out of the way and let someone else take charge of what was once a proud program.

— Steve Pifer