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Letter: Failure of leadership is behind gas woes

Why is there a natural gas shortage about to happen in Alaska?

Did all the local sources just evaporate and now we must import gas?

This is a direct result of the failures of our elected officials to get the job done.

Don’t give me the old “it’s complicated” excuse. If you know how to get things done, how much time do you need?

We got to the moon in 10 years, there is no reason we can’t resolve this problem now.

The lack of real leadership is at the core of this problem. We need to focus on the issue without resorting to political gymnastics to maximize the profits of large corporations.

If we need a gas line, then build it. If we need to drill more holes in the ground, then drill (but no fracking). Complicated hurdles to clear? Yes, start jumping.

Money, you say? We have plenty. Are we smart enough to use it to develop our natural resources in a safe manner? Absolutely.

Don’t say try. Do!

— Ray Kelley