Letter: Hate-spewing letter had no point

Are you hard up for letters these days? Why in the world would you publish such idiotic inanity as that written by Mark Mendonsa (Nov. 14). Such a waste of space with his incoherent rambling, name-calling, lie-filled, hate-spewing diatribe against President Obama; a stewpot of a rant jumbling together disparate events (“Benghazigate”) and people (Paul Krugman, Janet Napolitano) and stupid buzzwords (“Obamunist,” real cute) — all masquerading as a “letter.”

What was his point? His purpose? To show off how many fancy words he could make up? Or to unload a lot of empty epithets and trash the president?

Please, ADN editor of letters, if you can’t print letters that have some semblance of sanity and thoughtfulness behind them and can enlighten the public discourse, don’t print any at all.

— Laura Brakeman