Letter: Republicans picked a lemon

A few days ago you published two letters that might give one the “fair and balanced” impression that both parties are being graceless in their reactions to our recent election. All I hear in public is baseless complaints from the anti-Obama camp and conspiracy theories that are getting more bizarre every day.

So what happened there? The Republican Party nominated a presidential candidate whose core religious beliefs stand as a direct threat to the civil liberties of half the country’s population: women. This is a division that cuts straight across political lines. I would not be surprised if even some Republican Mormon women, in the privacy of the ballot box, could not bring themselves to vote against their own best interests.

Meanwhile, the president has done about as well as can be expected with a Republican majority sworn to prevent him from getting anything done. Democrats haven’t been thrilled with the results of Obama’s first four years, but he’s no George Bush and we certainly can’t afford another of those.