Letter: Glass recycling a blessing in extending life of landfill

Now that glass recycling is available at the Anchorage Recycle Center, residents should take advantage of this new service to help foster the creation of green-collar jobs, extend the life of our landfill and save tax dollars. 

Recycling glass creates local manufacturing jobs out of a resource that would otherwise be thrown away. Central Recycling Services is a small business that employs more than 30 people in peak season. Glass makes up 5 percent of Anchorage’s waste stream, and the more material we divert from our landfill, the longer we extend its life and the more tax dollars we save from finding a new landfill location.

Thank you to ALPAR, Solid Waste and everyone who answered Alaska Center for the Environment’s call to action this spring. That effort sped up the approval to use glass as a construction material and demonstrated broad public support for reinstating the program. I hope the program will grow to include commercial recycling for bars, restaurants and hotels, where the majority of glass waste is generated.

— Valerie K. Waldrop