Letter: Obama fares well overseas; Romney viewed as tax cheat

Sorry that Kimberlee missed the election (“Obama fails Americans while making U.S. look bad worldwide,” Letters, Nov. 21). President Obama’s popularity overseas was published as being 90 percent. It is easy for a Republican to scoff and question the numbers but my students and friends overseas were actually 100 percent in favor of his retaining the presidency. I know from traveling into the Middle East in recent times that most people there would do almost anything to win a lottery green card and come to America. Bill Clinton was and still is very popular outside the United States. 

Your star, Willard “Mitt” Romney, managed to offend everyone he met in one way or the other during his brief stint overseas. His tax returns showed that he had concealed funds in several countries and banks to avoid paying American taxes. Many of my friends overseas would do anything reasonable to become an American taxpayer. This would be great if we could be sure that they would send the real tax cheats and liars like Mitt Romney to some other country.

— Don Liston