Letter: Most voters want freedom for all

I read with utter disbelief the letter from Jim Dore in Tuesday’s paper. I have long suspected that it is the color of our president’s skin and not his policies which drive much of the animosity against him. Mr. Dore brought that point home this morning when he said that ours was a nation of unparalleled freedom in the history of the world … until 2008.

We have been governed by Democrats many, many times in our history, but it was not until a Christian, scholarly, African-American Democrat was elected president of the United States that Mr. Dore saw his forefathers’ dream of a free America die. Well, our forefathers owned human beings, so President Obama was something they never could have envisioned. Americans have grown greater than the original dream of our forefathers. The majority of American voters believe in freedom for all, we proudly support President Obama regardless of the color of his skin, and we will never go back.

— Mary Ann Chaney