Love 'Dexter?' Masuka's parents run a restaurant in Bethel

Kyle Hopkins

From Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage --

As I wrap up a series of stories photographer Bob Hallinen and I reported this fall on the Lower Kuskokwim, I have to share this encounter at Sam’s Restaurant on Tundra Street. We’d ducked into the restaurant late one night in need of a quiet place to conduct an interview. When owner Jean Lee saw Bob’s cameras, with lenses the size of my leg, she asked if we were making a movie.

Her son is an actor, she said. Had we heard of the TV show “Dexter?”

I looked again at her face and – as a Dexter nerd – instantly knew the character she was talking about. Vince Masuka, the horndog forensic investigator who works alongside Michael C. Hall’s title character in Showtime’s flagship series.

Lee disappeared to another room and returned with a bobblehead of her son, character actor Charlie “C.S.” Lee.

Watch a short video of the scene here

C.S. Lee is a Yale School of Drama graduate who has also appeared on NBC’s “Chuck,” “The Sopranos” and “Law & Order.” His mother said he hasn’t been back to Bethel in several years but his parents are longtime restaurateurs in the Western Alaska city.

Best burgers we had in town.