Island village in Arctic Canada gets Google Street View

Google Street View photo

Google Maps today went live with its popular Street View photos for Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, one of Canada's farthest-north villages at about 69 degrees latitude on Victoria Island. Google used a 360-degree camera mounted on a special tricycle to photograph scenes along the gravel streets, reports CTV News.

With the new maps, people from all over the world can now get a feel for life in one of Canada’s northern communities.

The sites featured in the map include a Hudson Bay Company cabin, a bridge used by local fisherman and the parts of the town’s extensive shoreline. Local shops, schools and recreation centres are also featured in the map, giving users a feel for the everyday community life.

Users can click on any of the sites and scroll through a series of high-definition, panoramic colour photos. The company even produced a two-minute video detailing the project.

Google has not yet added Street View to its map of Barrow, Alaska's farthest-north community. Read more at CTV: Google Street View travels to Canada's far north