Letter: Do you drive our highways? Then you’re getting benefits from your representation

In response to Jim Dore’s letter of Nov. 26: When he shows me an example of taxation without representation currently occurring in the primarily red states (those with the majority of secession petition authors and signers) then I’ll take his comparison of Gov. Rick Perry and Rep. Ron Paul to the likes of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson with less offense.

It is primarily the blue (Yankee) states, or Democratic states that pay more into the federal treasury than is returned. Mississippi takes in approximately $1.77 in federal dollars for every dollar paid in; Alabama $1.71. In 2009 Alaska received $5,200 per person in federal aid to state and local government; behind us are Wyoming ($4,100) and New Mexico ($3,350).

It may not be going into Mr. Dore’s pocket, but if he drives the Glenn or Seward highways, utilizes health care facilities or appreciates traffic controls, he is benefitting and indeed being more than represented.

I’m good with my original premise; it’s really about the half-black man in the White House.

— G.P. Olrun