Letter: Secession is no solution

Since the election, secessionist petitions have gained signatures in many states. The advocates apparently believe the same 1776 circumstances exist now, justifying the states’ right to leave the Union.

There are no similarities between the circumstances leading to the American Revolution and today’s issues. Then, our citizens had no representation in Parliament and no judicial review of the king’s actions. Now, every citizen votes. Executive power is limited by a constitution, laws passed by elected representatives, and judicial review.

Modern secessionist sentiments have a striking similarity to the rage of 1860. Then, as now, the secessionists participated in a presidential election but a man they abhorred was in the White House. They were fairly represented but their position was not the will of the majority. 

Having grown up near the battlefields of Atlanta and having served in “that crazy Asian war,” I assure you war is awful and civil war is worse yet. To the would-be secessionist, wait four years and the pendulum will likely swing, In the meantime, get a grip.

— Paul Richards