Bethel yelps over new yellow-slip rule at post office

One package at a time, people! That's the new rule at the Bethel Post Office for customers standing in line with yellow slips indicating they have packages to pick up. It used to be that a postal worker would collect yellow slips from several people in line and retrieve packages in one trip behind the counter. But someone complained to USPS officials in Anchorage, saying the rule should be first-in-line, first-served when it comes to package retrieval, reports KYUK.

The Anchorage office told (Bethel Postmaster Alan Murphy) to instruct his employees to collect the slips and deliver the packages one at a time.

“It’s in the post office manual. It’s first come first serve,” Murphy said.

This change has prompted Bethel citizens to circulate a petition saying they want the old way back

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