Letter: Unused Shootout tickets do nobody any good

Since the inaugural games at “The Buckner” my family has had many great memories of the Seawolf Classic, aka the Great Alaska Shootout.

Now with our children raised, my wife and I go to UAA Shootout games to see local kids playing on the “big stage.”

Well, to attend the women’s championship game we spent $89 — a drive to Anchorage  $25, parking $6, 2 tickets $49, 1 water $4, and 1 popcorn $5.

As I  looked out on the rows of empty seats, my thought was who can afford to go to these games?

The next day, attendance was announced at 4,000 when my estimate was less than 1,000 actually attending the game.

I thought maybe instead of “comping” sponsors with seats that go unused, UAA should consider donating tickets in their name to our military, the UAA student body and area schools.

The benefit would be increased attendance. A rowdy student body section on the main floor would help renew TV contracts. These changes would result in increased concession and merchandise sales, and allow the Shootout to have a growing younger fan base for years to come.

— Stan Colegrove