Letter: Flat tax, spending controls will steer us toward security

Eric Taskers’ Kool-Aid-flavored “America needs its rich” (Letters, Nov. 30) demonstrates the ignorance so prevalent in our country. The desire among those who get it is tax equity, not who pays what. Candidate Romney revealed he pays 14 percent, disproving he paid nothing, as alleged by Sen. Reed. I’m not rich and pay 22 percent to 25 percent. Forty-seven percent allegedly pay nothing, which by the way includes multibillion-dollar General Electric.

Is GE the only fortunate giant? Not likely. GE employs a battery of previous IRS employees and former Washington insiders, who see that the huge, complex tax code works in their favor. They even got a rebate.

Even the very poor pay sales tax where it is required. If you pay nothing you have no skin in the game so why should you care except to perpetuate the status quo?

Institute a flat tax or national sales tax, reign in the insatiable government spending and waste and we’ll be on the way to a secure economy. I never have liked Kool-Aid.

— William Ahrens

Eagle River