Letter: Carbon tax would spur alternative energy

Congratulations on your recent spate of articles on climate change. Since Nov. 26, I’ve seen reports on melting permafrost, shrinking Arctic ice, melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, increased ocean acidity and soaring atmospheric CO2 levels.

After our summer of drought, record heat and wildfires, capped off by Hurricane Sandy, its clear we have problems.

Still missing from your reporting is what to do about it.

Recently, the American Enterprise Institute sponsored a carbon tax forum. By all reports it was well attended and the discussions were not centered on the need for a fee on carbon but on how to apply it and what to do with the money. Economists, both liberal and conservative, agree that the best way to address our dependence on coal, oil and gas is by making these industries pay for their negative externalities.

A fee on CO2, applied at the source with 100 percent of the fee rebated back to the public is a simple, transparent and market-driven way to transition into the energy economy of the future.

— Jim Thrall