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Letter: Decency is more important than money

I am not a single-issue voter. But there are several issues that are very important to me, and in many cases voters in this last election agreed:

1) adults have the right to autonomy over all of their medical decisions

2) support kids in all ways

3) humans (and not just my relatives) are important infrastructure resources requiring investment and maintenance

4) Global warming is real, it’s very serious, and it is man-made.

5) Human rights should not be limited — oppose torture, the limitation of freedoms, unreasonable laws, and brutality at all levels

I feel deeply that if America doesn’t pay attention to these “core values” its future as a world leader will be (is being?) corrupted, the best evidence of this being how many of our elected officials are selling their votes and limiting our forward progress as a nation in pursuit of dollars. There are and have been innumerable countries that have gone this way before; we must not join them.

— Tina Tomsen