Letter: Keeping population in check is critical

Ross Douthat (Column,  Dec. 2) accuses Americans of selfishly declining to help ensure American economic world dominance by not having many children. He doesn’t even consider another reason for slowing birth rate, one that may be positive: some people may be restraining their procreation in order to avoid overpopulation.

Growth cannot be infinite in a finite world, and the Ponzi scheme of producing more babies or welcoming more immigrants to strengthen your economy cannot be a long term strategy at this point in history. There has to be a way for economies to thrive without population growth or we are all doomed to overcrowding and decrease in our standard of living, if not outright starvation.

Before debating how government can upwardly influence birth rates, let’s first examine the hidden, unwarranted assumption that there is a need to get birth rates to rebound. I, for one, welcome modernity that looks beyond having lots of children to support one in one’s old age.

Economic growth through more goods and services: yes!  Through more people: no!

— Kathleen Todd