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Letter: Like his ethics, Ruedrich’s opinion lacks credibility

Why is the Daily News even printing Randy Ruedrich’s opinion? This is a guy who pleaded guilty to three ethics charges that were not your run-of-the-mill violations —  disclosing confidential attorney-client information to a third party (an industry lobbyist) being the worst.

Now, because of gerrymandering, the oil industry has once again gained control of the state of Alaska government. He would have us believe it was the will of the people. Why should we believe someone who while holding a state position passed confidential information to an industry lobbyist that was detrimental to residents of Mat-Su and Homer? If this man were a Ron Paul supporter, a Democrat, or a Tea Party member, the Republican hierarchy would have demanded he give up any office or leadership position he held. 

A few words for Bob Bell: He didn’t know that the unions would be against his candidacy? Hollis knew that the foreign and multinational oil companies were against his. He was smart enough to account for that when he campaigned. Bell wasn’t.

— Michael McKinnon