Police say woman's cause of death inconclusive

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Medical examiners have ruled Letitia Ann Baxter's cause of death as inconclusive, Anchorage police said Wednesday.

The 63-year-old Anchorage woman went missing after taking a walk from her sister's house in August. Her decomposed body was found in a wooded area near Earthquake Park in late September.

An inconclusive finding is not unusual when a body has deteriorated due to exposure to the elements, Parker said.

Baxter, a lifelong Anchorage resident known to be an avid trail user, was last seen at her sister's home near the Delaney Park Strip on Aug. 3. She said she was going to run errands downtown and walked away, according to family.

Searchers canvassed the Chester Creek Trail looking for her. In September, her longtime boyfriend discovered the remains himself near the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and alerted police, officials said.

He had been canvassing trails Baxter was known to frequent since her disappearance and had previously suggested police look in the Earthquake Park area.

Police hadn't gotten to it yet, Parker said.

"It was on the list of places to search," he said. "He happened to be out looking and found her."

There has been no indication that foul play was involved in her death, according to Parker.



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