Letter: Republican Party now represents the extremists and the rich

Republicans have morphed from a mainstream political party to one that is representing the richest people, the huge corporations and the most prejudiced, ridiculous extremists.

Examples: Congressional Republicans say they favor extending middle class tax cuts (already in place) only if the huge tax breaks for the very rich (reducing their rates to half of what I pay) are extended.

Congress has 19 committee chairs available in the House and Speaker Boehner has appointed 19 white men.

Congress has introduced dozens of bills to get rid of health care for all, yet the U.S. has the worst health care availability to its population of the entire modern world.

As someone who previous to 2007 voted mostly Republican, I wonder if I ever will vote for one again. Canada, Japan and Norway — located on three different continents with unique histories — all have far better health care programs and mainstream practices. The U.S. should learn from other countries.

— Linda Sharp