Letter: Fireworks belong exclusively in the hands of professionals

I was elated to see that for whatever sensible reason Dick Traini did not proceed with his ill-conceived ordinance to allow personal fireworks.

Fireworks’ place, for the good of all citizens and our beloved pets, remains in the hands of professionals at scheduled events for the public.

The eyesore of the “Houston Fireworks Alley,” which provides legal sales of fireworks that are then banned from use in the rest of the state, is an assault on any sensibility. The law should be changed and those properties converted into something more attractive and useful to Alaskans. 

The personal use of fireworks within the state of Alaska serves no useful purpose but for a passing pleasure of the transgressors. 

Those negative results are many and potentially impact all people statewide due to the potential for:

• Accident, fire, litter and associated medical and property costs; 

• Damage to pets and livestock; 

• Anxiety, sleeplessness and undue burden on our peace officers. 

Legislators, please use your resources on more meaningful matters. 

— Tom Hamill