Letter: TSA is a rogue agency and should be held accountable

TSA and Alaska Airlines refused to tell your reporter how someone is invited to join the TSA’s “PreCheck” program, which allows one to avoid most of the unhealthy, invasive searches and time-wasting theatrics that the TSA has dreamed up.

Like many other components of TSA’s security schemes, the rules are secret, with no obvious means of appeal.” (ADN, Dec. 5) 

If you are not one of TSA’s secret pals, you can fill out forms, pay $100 and fly to Seattle to submit to fingerprinting in order to be considered for the privilege. This is called a protection racket when regular criminals do it.

Alaskans’ Freedom to Travel USA (http://akfreedomtotravelusa.org/) is pressing Sens. Begich and Murkowski and Congressman Young to make this rogue agency accountable for its seemingly arbitrary decisions. TSA should not be doling out special privileges based on secret criteria. No one should have to pay or apply for the privilege of “reasonable” screening, which should be the norm. Pay to opt out? This is further proof that TSA’s unreasonable searches are purposeless.

— Diane Schenker, co-director, Alaskans’ Freedom to Travel USA