Letter: AIFF film did right by Mexico

After 13 days with hundreds of screenings, workshops and special events, the Anchorage International Film Festival 2012 came to an end. In its 12th edition, the festival had films from nearly 30 countries representing every continent. 

Besides providing the audience with movies from places as far from Alaska as Argentina, Myanmar or South Africa, the AIFF developed for the very first time a Mexican Film Program. Through five different productions and a workshop, the purpose of such a program was to give Alaskans a glimpse of the Mexico’s cultural richness. 

This objective was achieved marvelously with the screening of “The Student” (El Estudiante), the story of a retiree who enrolls at a university to fulfill his long-deferred dreams. “The Student” is a wonderful masterpiece that shows through colonial architecture, traditional music, vivid colors and picturesque scenery that Mexico is more than the violence frequently exposed. Mexico is a place with history, tradition, strong values and people of candid spirit. 

Once again, the AIFF gave fans the invaluable opportunity to approach different cultures through international film.

— Adriana Ramirez-Aguilar

deputy consul for Mexico