Letter: Here’s how to stop voter fraud

Voter ID in Alaska? Easy:

It is the state of Alaska’s responsibility to ensure that every resident of the state is provided with a picture ID at no direct cost to any resident no later than January 1, 2020, and to ensure that residents can obtain updates to their picture ID at intervals no greater than two months.

All residents of Alaska will be required to show current picture ID to vote beginning January 1, 2021, and no earlier.

Failure of an adult resident of Alaska to vote in any state election shall be a civil offense with a penalty of $300 AND shall result in the suspension of any Alaska license (which shall include but not be limited to the license to practice any profession or trade, the license to engage in any fishery — commercial, recreational or personal — and the license to drive) and ineligibility for same for a period of one year.

Rights are conditioned on meeting one’s civic duties, chief among those being the obligation to vote. 

Voila! No voter fraud.

— Marc Grober