UK man with 'Ice Road Truckers' dreams dies in Alaska Hwy. crash

A former U.K. Army truck driver who moved to Canada last year in hopes of landing a job driving an 18-wheeler on the Arctic ice roads he saw on television died last month when his rig left the Alaska Highway in remote central British Columbia. The crash is so far unexplained by law enforcement officials, reports the Daily Mail

"Brett [Colley] loved the outdoors and adventure, and he was hooked on the 'Ice Road Truckers' TV show when it first came out in the UK," [his sister said]. "He used to watch it religiously, and about two years ago he actually applied to be on the show, but was unsuccessful.

"Typical Brett, he was undeterred and he applied for a job with H and R Transport, which has routes along the ice roads in Canada."

U.K.'s Daily Mail is spinning the story as a man who died doing what he dreamed of, though there's no evidence that he ever drove an actual ice road. He was, however, happy to have been transferred from routes in western U.S. deserts to the Alaska Highway, the family said.

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