Kasilof River guide's joke about catching whales, tuna riles troopers

A 21-year-old fishing guide thought it would be funny to claim in his legally required logbook that he caught tuna and whales on the Kasilof River last summer. The Alaska State Troopers didn't see the humor and charged the Alabama man with "failure to complete logbook as required by Alaska Department of Fish and Game," reports Alaska Dispatch.

Poor, 21-year-old fishing guide Matthew Terry has just made the unfortunate discovery that authorities in Alaska have no sense of humor. A resident of Tuscaloosa, Ala., the young Terry did some guiding on the Kenai Peninsula's Kasilof River this summer for Reubin Payne of Alaskan Widespread Fishing. ... Terry, according to Alaska Wildlife Troopers, jokingly reported "he had taken the following species from the Kasilof River: Chupacabra, Tuna, Jack Beluga, and Blue Whales.''

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