Kodiak steers clear of 'fecal cliff' for now

A temporary solution appears to have been achieved in Kodiak for a sewage dilemma that has been labeled by the media as the "fecal cliff." An expansion at  the city landfill means that raw sludge from the sewage treatment plant can no longer be dumped there as of Saturday, reports the Kodiak Daily Mirror (subscription required).

 The city has turned to composting as its solution, but a composting plant in Middle Bay has been hotly opposed. A competing plant design to be housed at the landfill will not be ready for several months.

In the meantime, [officials] have come up with a tentative agreement. Sludge will be stockpiled at the landfill until a temporary composting plant can be set up. This temporary facility cannot create garden-safe compost, but it can solidify the sludge to a point where it can be safely disposed of in the landfill.

The borough assembly and the Alaska Department of Conservation must OK the temporary solution.