Letter: Our congressional delegation should rethink stance on guns

I write to express my deep concern and disappointment regarding Sen. Begich’s, Sen. Murkowski’s and Rep. Young’s recently reported stance on not supporting reinstatement of (at least) an assault weapon ban. I am an emergency physician at a local Anchorage hospital. I have made a good living, in part, on gun violence in our town.

I am a gun owner, yet it is painfully apparent that this American epidemic of death and injury by gun is not just a political issue but a serious public health issue. Please (re)consider reinstating a public ban on further sales of military-style assault weapons as well as high-capacity magazines. I would also encourage effective, consistent and universal background checks for gun sales, with character references and a renewal policy. There is no way to totally prevent gun violence in our society given our Second Amendment rights, but we must, especially in light of the most recent abomination in Newtown, Conn., begin taking steps in that direction.

I hope they will reconsider their positions. 

— Gil Dickie, M.D.