Letter: Company has disconnect when it comes to airport calls

Bill works at Ted Stevens International. He’s a Garbled Call Inc. customer. Here’s a recent call transcript: 

B: “___s is Bi__.” Me: “Hi Bill. Can’t hear ya.” B: “W__t a m_nute.” 

Later, B: “Now can y__ hear me?” Me: “Yeah. Sorta. You’re breaking up.” B: “Yes, this _ellphone doesn’t ____ well _t the airport.” Me: “Where are you?” B: “I had to run out ar__nd the ramp to get _ _ignal. I’m __anding outsi__.” Me: “Wow. It’s 10 degrees below.” B: “Y_s. C-c-cold.” Me: “William, you’re still cutting out. Man, sorry I called you.” B: “Ok. _orry. Hey _ike, I’ll _o b__k insi__. I__ call you wh_n I go __ross town.” Me: “OK, Bill. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas!” B: “Goodb__.”

That’s totally frustrating. This poor guy is trying to run an airport business on his cellphone. When he complains, the company shrugs their shoulders.

They spend a ton of money on advertising but their airport coverage stinks.

Let’s all drop a dollar in their hat for Christmas. Maybe they’ll fix their airport service.

— Michael Meiser