Letter: Hateful political polarity stifles real conversation

In China there are extremely strict gun laws so a knife is usually the weapon of choice when deciding to commit murder. On the same day as the Sandy Hook tragedy, a mentally questionable man went to the Chenpeng Village Primary School in China and began stabbing as many children as he could reach. Twenty-three children and one woman felt his blade that day yet all survived. Who do the parents of these children blame for this crime?

Gun control isn’t the issue. Neither is mental health. The problem is the absolute caustic and hateful political polarity that is ignited with every issue that this country deals with everyday. We can never agree or at least have a mature conversation about anything. 

Sandy Hook is a tragedy; no one will disagree with that. But battle lines are already being drawn with people disparaging us if we disagree with their paradigm. Gun control, abortion, gay rights, fiscal cliffs. No, our mental inability to realize that black and white can sometimes make gray is the only issue.

— Sean Wiederholt