Letter: Talk about guns must include ban on automatic weapons

In response to Gov. Parnell’s response to Newtown:

I appreciate the moment of silence, and I appreciate the governor’s willingness to at least talk about gun violence, but any talk must include the outlawing of automatic weapons and high-capacity clips. Soldiers need automatic weapons and high-capacity clips on the battlefield. Ordinary citizens don’t need them at home, and as in Newtown, when they do have them at home they are too easily acquired by the wrong person.

No hunter I ever met uses a Bushmaster .223 to shoot a moose, or (I hope) more than one round to do so, and no homeowner needs more than six rounds in a handgun to defend their homes.

What if Alaska, in a sort of only-Nixon-could-go-to-China moment and as an exemplar in most respects of sensible gun owners and users, could set an example for the rest of the nation. If we were willing to remove these what we can now only call weapons of mass destruction from private ownership, others might take notice, and follow suit.

— Dana Stabenow