Letter: Crazy person is going to get a weapon, one way or another

Before I saw this morning’s paper I assumed that the government will ban so called “assault weapons” (which are not used by the military, BTW) one of which was used in the Connecticut event. It will also pass a magazine capacity limit. Neither of these things would have much impact on the recent massacre. He would have used the pistols and have carried extra magazines. 

Two things went very wrong in Connecticut. A crazy suicidal person got a gun (actually three guns in this case) and the victims were unprotected. It is almost impossible to prevent such a crazy person from getting a gun legally or illegally. As for the cluster of defenseless kids, people should know how to translate the sign that usually reads “Weapons Not Allowed” when unaccompanied by restricted access with metal detectors, and armed guards. The proper translation is, “Come On In, Bag Your Limit Without Fear Of Interruption.” After all the airports don’t put up signs “Weapons Not Permitted” signs and then send all the TSA folk home.

— Ronald Drozdick

Eagle River