Letter: Hockey players slugging it out reveals the appeal of violence

As a society, we are evolving into one of violence to settle our issues. You only need to tune into or read from any media outlet to understand what I mean. I believe these media sources are one of the contributors to this culture.

Everywhere one turns you are bombarded with violence, whether it is in the newspapers, magazines, movies, TV (including ads), videos and all the other electronic “games.” This has to affect us all and especially our children. 

Case in point and what really prompted this letter: Thursday’s (Dec. 20) front page  of the Sport’s section. Hockey players Garet Hunt and Dustin Molie slugging it out. How ridiculous, both in their immature action and in this paper publishing the picture!

How can we weep over what occurred at Sandy Hook school one day and then slug it out in a “game” of hockey the next day.  Violence. It is our moral responsibility to curb as much violence as we can and change our culture to one of more concern for fellow men and women.

— Larry Leveen