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Letter: Susitna-Watana project a bad idea and very much unwanted

Susitna-Watana Dam? Seriously? Referening to the ADN article of Dec. 19, “Dam planners submit environmental plans.”

I attended the open forums on this (yet another) unwanted state debacle in both Wasilla and Talkeetna. The public constituency was very well represented along with many habitat biologists, guides, home owners, and recreational users from here in the Valley.

Know what? We do not want this dam! Does the political constituency’s voice mean anything anymore? Apparently not.

This very expensive project will move forward, spending millions upon millions on studies, more studies, and additional studies and might actually be built. How do I get in on this “study” money? Someone is raking in huge state dollars on this deal and I assure you it is not the public constituency. The Susitna River drainage and its tributaries are doomed to the fate of virtually every river in America that has been dammed up. So long family fishing trips and hello dead Susitna River. This is a very bad idea and someone is laughing all the way to the bank.

— Wayne C. Jones