FBI monitored Occupy protest activities in Anchorage

A group of Occupy Anchorage protesters marched on Monday, Dec. 12, 2011, in protest of the expensive and beleaguered Port of Anchorage expansion project and in support of efforts to shut down ports all along the West Coast.
Bill Roth
Several dozen Anchorage residents protested at Town Square Wednesday evening, October 5, 2011 in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Internal FBI documents being covered widely in the national media this week say agents reported on Occupy Wall Street activities in Anchorage at a Joint Terrorism Task Force meeting in November 2011. The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, which obtained the documents under the Freedom of Information Act, reports that the FBI  was focused on local Occupy organizers' plans to protest the troubled Port of Anchorage expansion

A port Facility Security Officer in Anchorage coordinated with the FBI to attend the meeting of protestors and gain intelligence on the planning of the port actions. He was advised to request the presence of an Anchorage Police Department official to also attend the event. The FBI Special Agent told the undercover private operative that he would notify the Joint Terrorism Task Force and that he would provide a point of contact at the Anchorage Police Department.


According to a  New York Times report on the heavily redacted documents, FBI counterterrorism officials feared the national Occupy movement  "would provide 'an outlet for a lone offender exploiting the movement for reasons associated with general government dissatisfaction.' "


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