Letter: Get straight on NRA

Don Cornelius writes a great persuasive letter (Dec. 22) on gun control. He tries to equate a 30-round AK-47 magazine with “can’t hunt moose,” and three shotgun round limits for bird hunting to legitimate limits to a “right to bear arms.” He tries to condemn the NRA as foolishly equating “infringement” to “banning.” He writes that the NRA needs to “get reasonable”: 

“It would make them the good guys in America, not supporters of unending terrorism.”

Here’s the problem with his letter: None of the “terrorists” of the past have been NRA members. That’s right. None. Not a flippin’ one. From John Wilkes Booth to Leon Czolgosz to Lee Harvey Oswald to Adam Lanza. And NRA members don’t support their terror. We oppose it with logic, not emotion, and not the same, old, tired clichés.

Mr. Cornelius needs to understand not only the Second Amendment, its purpose, and its legally tested history, but the NRA, and how both fit with cultural devolution.

— Mark Gordon