Letter: A plan to divide the NRA

Currently the NRA is in a jam. Most reasonable gun enthusiasts understand that we have an epidemic of gun violence (NRA states homicide rates are down, true, while gun violence has dramatically risen) As the NRA is currently configured, by default if you support the NRA you are part of the problem. I propose a reasonable solution for the NRA. Split the NRA in two. One branch of the NRA would support hunting rights, gun safety, sport shooting, reasonable Second Amendment rights etc. We’ll call this branch NRA-S (sporting). The other branch of the NRA would support assault weapons, high capacity magazines, body armor piercing bullets, no background checks, no waiting period, no permits for concealed weapons, and every conceivable weapon falls under the Second Amendment etc. The later branch we’ll call NRA-K (killing). An NRA supporter can decide which branch of the NRA represents their interests. Do you support NRA sporting or NRA killing? As an aside I have been trained by several federal agencies to carry a weapon for work.

— Jim Robinson